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10 years of Tangerine Fields

Boomtown Fair

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Boomtown Fair

You must purchase OFFICIAL WEEKEND WITH CAMPING tickets from the festival to use our service. Festival tickets are NOT included in any of the prices below.

Official Boomtown Fair website ticket information

Early Bird Specials - Until 31st May

Freedom - £60 was £70 (Package £110 was £120)

Stardom - £150 was £170 (Package £250 was £270)

Kingdom - £250 was £280 (Package £400 was £430)

Supadom - £300 was £340 (Package £500 was £540)

Boomtown - The UK's maddest city!

Info will be published 2 weeks before the event.

Toilets and Showers

Tangerine Fields do not provide toilets and showers at this festival. All our customers will have access to the main festival campsite toilet and shower facilities

Boomtown Fair offers a splendid assortment of music, theatre, comedy and art.

The festival presents an array of live music with acts from the world of ska, party, cabaret, gypsy, folk, reggae, dub and country & western.

With a great emphasis on eco-friendly initiatives the festival also offers a further range of stages featuring cabaret, comedy, spoken word, anarchist theatre and lots of site art, as well as encouraging all festival goers to join the fancy dress party.

Website -

Boomtown Fair

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