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10 years of Tangerine Fields

End of the Road

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End of the Road

You must purchase OFFICIAL WEEKEND WITH CAMPING tickets from the festival to use our service. Festival tickets are NOT included in any of the prices below.

Official End of the Road website ticket Info

An intimate music festival at the Larmer Tree Gardens in North Dorset

Directions to the festival


Tangerine Fields can be found in the main campsite.  Look out for the gypsy caravans and boutique structures and check-in at the large orange Tangerine Fields gazebo

1. Walk along the track towards general camping.

2. Continue past the Big Blue top on your left.

3. Walk past the stage which is on your right the Tangerine gazebo is just past the stage.

Check in times and when the gazebo is staffed

Thursday 3pm - 10pm

Please Note: There will be no entry to the Festival after 10pm so ensure you are on time if coming Thursday night

Friday 9am - 12 midnight

Saturday 9am - 4pm

Sunday 9am - 1pm

Any problems finding us please call our on-site team on (07423 768550) Please note: This mobile number will only be active from Friday 12 noon. For enquiries prior to this time please contact our office via our contacts page

Toilets and Showers

Tangerine Fields do not provide toilets and showers at this festival. All our customers will have access to the main festival campsite toilet and shower facilities

The idea with the End of the Road Festival was to organise an intimate festival with some of the organisors favourite artists and a friendly and relaxed feel.

The Larmer Tree Gardens on the North Dorset and Wiltshire borders is the perfect venue to create this kind of atmosphere - where music-loving, open minded and chilled out people get together in the beautiful countryside whilst parrots and peacocks wander around!

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End of the Road

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