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10 years of Tangerine Fields

Reading Festival

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Reading Festival

You must purchase OFFICIAL WEEKEND WITH CAMPING tickets from the festival to use our service. Festival tickets are NOT included in any of the prices below.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the Tangerine Field is from 9am, Thursday 24th August

Official website and ticket info

The worlds oldest popular music festival of rock, indie, punk and alternative

Directions to the Festival


Tangerine Fields will still be in the WHITE Campsite, next to the Shuttle Boat Service port and the Pedestrian Bridge which takes you over the river to the Brown campsite.

After entering through White Gate follow the trackway towards the Pedestrian Bridge. As you approach the bridge you will see the Orange Check-in Gazebo on your right.

Festival Site Map

Car Parking

The WHITE campsite is on the north side of the river from the main festival site near Caversham. If driving please purchase a WHITE car park ticket from the Reading Festival website and follow the White Campsite signage through Reading town centre.

If you park in another colour car park or are coming by public transport then you will have a bit of a walk. Follow the signs through the campsites to the White Campsite.

Check in times and when the gazebo is staffed

Thursday 9am - 12 midnight

Friday 9am - 12 midnight

Saturday 9am - 4pm

Sunday 9am - 1pm

No Arrivals on Wednesday

Any problems finding us please call our on-site team on (number to follow) Please note: This mobile number will only be active from Thursday 9am. For enquiries prior to this time please contact our office via our contacts page

Toilets and Showers

As an Added Juice Festival, our campers will have the exclusive use of private hot showers and toilet facilities

Extra Added Juice......

The latest Babyliss hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs are available at our in-camp Pamper Parlour

Car Parking

Tangerine Fields are located in the WHITE Campsite. If driving please purchase a WHITE car park ticket from the Reading Festival website for the shortest walk to the Tangerine Field.

Every year the Reading Festival grows a little older and with this musically wiser.

The festival has been going, in one shape or another since it’s conception as a Jazz event in 1961, a time when audio was in its ‘rock n roll infancy’; before the invention of music as we know it today and the time when the festival laid down its roots as the UK’s premier indie festival.

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Camp benefits!

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Pamper Parlour

Reading Festival

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