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At many festivals we have our own fenced off field within the festival grounds. This field will be with our own private hot showers, toilets and gate security and you will be issued a Tangerine Fields wristband upon arrival to gain access to this field. You can identify which festivals are Added Juice by looking for the added juice splash on the festival logo.

Many of the added juice fields are also now equipped with the Pamper Parlour with its handy hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs. Check the campsite info on the bookings page for the festivals you will find the pamper parlours at.

pamper parlour              added juice stuff

Please remember that even though we have additional security at Added Juice festivals you are still camping with lots of people you do not know, so please be careful and keep all valuables with you at all times. Do not leave cash or valuables unattended in accommodations, or in the central living areas when sleeping. Any valuables you do not wish to carry with you should be secured in the locker storage facilities available at the festivals.



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