Fire in the Mountain

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Fire in the Mountain

Tangerine Fields have teamed up with Fire in the Mountain to make your festival weekend even easier.

2, 4 and 6 person size dome tents and camping packages can be booked along with your festival tickets through the Fire in the Mountain website

Festival tickets and tent packages can be purchased on the Official Fire in the Mountain ticket page

2 Person FreeDom Tents and Packages

Spacious dome tent, with storage porch

Unfurnished £48 / with double airbed £67.40 / Package with double airbed & 2 sleeping bags £96.20

2man  2 floor 2 inside

4 Person StarDom BlackOut Tents & Packages

2 sleeping rooms, with central area high enough to stand in

Unfurnished £110.60 / with 2 double airbeds £149 / Package with 2 double airbeds and 4 sleeping bags £197

4 man   4 floor    4 inside   4 inside 2

6 Person KingDom Tents & Packages

3 sleeping rooms, with very spacious central area high enough to stand in

Unfurnished £227 / with 3 double airbeds £285 / Package with 3 double airbeds and 6 sleeping bags £348

6 man  6 floor        6 inside

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Music For Everyone.

Fire in the Mountain is a small folk festival set up group of friends who play and share a love of Folk, Old Time and Bluegrass music.

A weekend in remote mid wales full of workshops, kids activities, treasure hunts, jam sessions, campfire songs and circus skills. There's great selections of locally sourced food and drink to choose from and communal eating areas.


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