What type of ticket do I need to use the Tangerine Fields service?
Can I book my accommodation before I book my festival ticket?
What equipment do you have available to hire?
Can I take any items home with me?
What days do I get to use the tent?
Can I request where in the festival campsite my tent is pitched?
How do I find my accommodation when I arrive?
Between what times can I check-in to my tent?
Can our group have our tents pitched together?
Can my friends who have not booked a tent visit us in the Tangerine Field?
What toilet and shower facilities are available?
What does Added Juice mean?
What security is there for Tangerine Fields customers?
Should I bring a padlock for my tent?
How far from the Main Arena is Tangerine Fields located?
Do I need a UK address to make a booking?
How can I pay for my booking?
I was unable to pay
Can I pay a deposit for my booking?
Do you post out tickets?
Why did I not receive a confirmation email?
Can I change or add items to my booking?
How warm is the sleeping bag?
How big is the airbed?
Do you rent out gazebos?
Can I bring my dog to the Tangerine Campsite?
Can I have a camp fire in the Tangerine Campsite?
Where can I park my car?
Why am I having an issue logging into my Tangerine Fields account?
Can I pitch my own tent in the Tangerine Field?
Can I have a BBQ in the Tangerine Campsite?

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