Geo Dome (for 2-4 people) for A New Day Festival


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From £237.50 per person per event

The Geo Dome Package

Pre-pitched 4 person canvas Geo Dome with;
• 2 Sumptuous double beds
• 2 Double duvet sets with pillows, fresh linen and towels
• Table and soft rugs
• Lanterns, candles and incense
• Fresh fruit, bottled mineral water
• Interior lighting
• Coatstand and clothes hangers
• Large 5 metre diameter living area

Festival Bubble

Step into the future of camping and enter the world of Geo-Domes. Based on Buckminster Fuller designs we bring you the strongest manmade structure without internal supports in a unique and practical design.

The walk-in height door leads into the expansive 175 sq foot of floor room with a central height of 7 foot. The Geo Dome provides bags of space for families, two couples or simply four good friends to share, giving your group their own private bubble of space within the mayhem of the festival. The canvas cover is fully waterproof yet breathable to keep you cool on the hot summer’s day, while the thick insulating ground sheet keeps you and warm and your belongings dry.

The Geo Dome is provided with 2 sumptuous double beds, duvets, linen, pillows, soft rugs and furnishings throughout, for a truly comfortable stay.

Geodesic Design

• Hand-made, fire retardant and water proof canvas
• Strong aluminium geodesic frame
• 175sq foot of space
• Walk-in entrance with lockable wooden doors