Being Green

When it comes to looking after the planet, we at Tangerine Fields like to think we do our bit.

Reusing is at the heart of what we do, this beats recycling anyday. All our tents are reused until they can't stay up late any more, then we take their good bits and pass them onto younger fresher models, getting the maximum use out of everything before its retired to the recycle bin.

Going to festivals up and down the country, we need to take care to minimise the amount of transportation of stock, as this could add serious size to our carbon footprint. Tangerine Fields have therefore chosen storage spots close to festival sites so that stock is only taken the shortest distance possible.

Our impact on a campsite is minimal. We leave a place as we found it and encourage all our customers to do the same. If we all do our bit, the magic of festivals can go on until we're too old to boogie. The headtorches and sleeping bags are yours to take home. All the sleeping bags left behind are donated to various local, national and international charities, including Oxfam, His Church Charity and local scout groups.

His Church Charity work, including Tangerine Fields Sleeping Bag collections can be seen in the following short film. Click here for His Church Charity Short Film
In 2017 sleeping bags donated from Tangerine Fields customers have been used at the Stoke City FC Community Trust Big Sleep Out which took place on 3rd February in support of the Macari Centre (Homeless Shelter). His Church's own Richard Humphrey braved the elements at the Bet 365 Stadium, which, by all accounts is not the warmest place in February.
sleep out
In previous years donations to His Church Charity have been put to good use being passed on to Muslim Aid who in turn distrubuted them to various organisations.
His Church have also donated sleeping bags to:

Spires Centre for the Homeless

Compass (Hull)

The below photo is of the distribution of aid in Peru. The His Church donation included 2,500 sleeping bags that had been donated by Tangerine Fields.

Peru bag distribution
A state of emergency had been called by the Peruvian Government as many of their states were suffering from extreme weather conditions with the young and elderly dying from the cold. The sleeping bags are going to make an amazing difference to the people of this nation!
Thank you to all Tangerine Fields customers for making this possible.

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