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You've booked your tent, now lets build your camp.

Remember the days when you had to hope one of mates was first in line to rush to the best camping spot, and prey they could hold off other campers till you arrived?  Or getting your camp set-up perfectly and heading into the festival, only to return that night and despair at the tiny pop-up tent that's filled your spot of grass between all your doors?

Those days are gone. At Tangerine Fields we'll ensure you and your friends tents are all pitched together, and we'll even leave you a nice spot of grass to socialise in!

There's no need to book the same size tent as your friends, or even book at the same time. Just enter your friends reference number when making your own booking, log onto your account to add it, or send us an email with all the bookings to be linked.

Let Tangerine Fields take all the hassle out of your weekend, so all you have to do is turn up, move in and enjoy the festival.

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