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Frequently Asked Questions

What toilet and shower facilities are available?

At Added Juice festivals there will be private toilet and shower facilities within the Tangerine Field.

At non-added juice festivals the festival supplies shower and toilet facilities within the main campsite.

What does Added Juice mean?

At many festivals we now have our own secure field within the festival grounds. This field will be with our own private showers, toilets and security and you will be issued a Tangerine Fields wristband upon arrival to gain access to this field. You can identify which festivals are Added Juice by looking for the added juice splash on the festival logo.

Several of the added juice fields are also now equipped with the Pamper Parlour with its handy hairdryers, straighteners and curling tongs. Check the event info on the bookings page for the festivals you will find the pamper palours at.

What security is there for Tangerine Fields customers?

The festival provides on-site security and stewards within the main campsite, including the Tangerine Field. However, large gatherings of people can provide easy pickings for thieves. Car keys, cash, credit cards, mobile phones, wallets, purses and other valuable items should be kept with you at all times. Do not leave them in unattended vehicles or tents.

Check the website of the festival you are attending for information regarding crime prevention and availability of storage facilities for valuables.

Even though we have additional security at Added Juice festivals you are still camping with lots of people you do not know, so please still be careful and keep all valuables with you.

Should I bring a padlock for my tent?

Please dont bring a padlock for your tent. It is a sign to thieves to rob the tent. They will just cut there way in and steal all your valuables. Please secure all valuables in the locker storage facilities available at the festivals

How far from the Main Arena is Tangerine Fields located?

Depending on the size of the festival and the location of the Tangerine Field we can usually be found between 5 and 30 minutes walk from the main arena. Arrival Info, with location details of the Tangerine Field, can be found on the booking page for each festival.

Please also check the website of the festival you are attending as we are often now highlighted on festival site maps.

Do I need a UK address to make a booking?

You can make a booking from anywhere in the world. Please enter your home address as we may need to verify it with you if making any amendments to your booking.

How can I pay for my booking?

You can pay by debit or credit card online at the time of making your booking. Please check the card logos on the bottom of our homepage for the cards we accept.

I was unable to pay

Please check you are using one of the cards that we accept. The logos can be seen at the bottom of our homepage.

Can I pay a deposit for my booking?

Sorry, but we require full payment at the time of booking

Do you post out tickets?

We do not post out any tickets for you to check-in to your tent. We will email you a booking confirmation with your booking reference number that you will need to print-out and bring with you to check-in to your tent. Your booking confirmation can also be viewed and printed by logging into 'My Account'.

Car Park Passes for Hay Festival, Big Chill and Glastonbury Festival will be posted out to you so please ensure you update'My Account' or email us if you change address. Parking is free at Isle of Wight Festival - You will just need to bring a copy of your booking confirmation to park.



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