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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I not receive a confirmation email?

Please check your spam/bulk/junk/quarantine email folders for your confirmation email. You can also view and print-out your booking confirmation by logging in to 'My Account'.

If you still cannot find your confirmation please email us, stating the festival you are attending, and we will re-send your booking confirmation.

Can I change or add items to my booking?

To add an extra tent , tipi, or any accessories (airbeds, sleeping bags, etc) to your original booking please book them via our booking page. Please state that these items are to be added to your original booking in the Requests section and enter your booking reference number (i.e TF12-3456) in the Group Code of the booking form. There is no fee to add items to your booking in this way.

To change your booking (ie. change your order from a KingDom tent to a Tipi) please email with your booking reference number, the festival you are attending and details of what you wish to change your booking to. You can change your booking for an administration fee of £10.00, plus the difference in the cost of the accommodation price.

Please also refer to our terms and conditions if you are looking to cancel part of your booking.

Refunds are subject to our Terms and conditions:

1. If the booking is cancelled 14 days or more prior to rental start date a cancellation fee of 10% of the prepaid rental amount will apply.

2. If the booking is cancelled 7 days or more prior to rental start date a cancellation fee of 50% of the prepaid rental amount will apply.

3. No refunds shall be given if the reservation is cancelled less than 7 days prior to rental start date or if you fail to arrive at the event on the rental start date and fail to notify Tangerine Fields in advance of this date.

How warm is the sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag is a summer rated season 2 bag and is recomended for use in the following temps: +5°c to +13°c. If the forecast for the weekend of your festival is cold/rainy/windy and you are susceptible to these conditions then we would suggest you bring a blanket for additional warmth

How big is the airbed?

The airbeds are double sized, suitable for 2 adults. The dimensions of the airbed are 188cm x 137cm. We do not supply single size airbeds

Do you rent out gazebos?

We do not rent out gazebos. If you wanted to bring one with you please first check the website of the festival you are attending as many festivals do not allow gazebos and we have to follow the festival rules regarding them. If the festival allows them then please note in the requests section of the booking form that you will be bringing a gazebo and we will leave space for you to pitch it. Please ensure the gazebo is not larger than 3m x 3m. No awnings or covers are allowed to be attached to any Tangerine Fields accommodations.

Can I bring my dog to the Tangerine Campsite?

Sorry, but we do not allow pets within the our campsites.

Can I have a camp fire in the Tangerine Campsite?

Sorry, but we do not allow campfires within the our campsites at Glastonbury and Hay Festivals. For all other festivals we follow the festivals guidelines - Please check the info page of the festival you are attending. If camp fires are permitted by the festival then please ensure all fires are lit a safe distance from your accommodation and kept to a small and manageable size.

Where can I park my car?

The festival* provides a car park for all ticket holders. Check the website of the festival you are attending for travel information and costs of parking passes where applicable.

*Tangerine Fields provides car parking for Hay Festival:

The car parks for Tangerine Fields customers only for this festival will be in an adjacent field to our campsite and you must purchase a Car Parking Pass from the Tangerine Fields website prior to arrival to guarentee your space. You will just need to bring a copy of your booking confirmation to park. You will not be able to park your car next to your accommodation.

Why am I having an issue logging into my Tangerine Fields account?

Please note that all fields are case sensitive. If you have further problems an alternative password can be sent to you that should refresh your account. To do this please visit the below URL -

Can I pitch my own tent in the Tangerine Field?

Sorry, but only people who book pre-pitched accommodation will be allowed into the Tangerine Field*, we do not provide space for people to pitch their own tents.

* Not applicable at Hay Festival or Bright and RIAT where we provide self pitching space



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